Message of support from Governor General of Australia

May 08, 2020

As Patron of the Stroke Foundation I want to stress the importance of calling for an ambulance if someone in your presence is displaying signs of stroke.

Time saved is a brain saved. The quicker you get someone displaying early signs of stroke to hospital for treatment, the better their chances of recovery.

There is a simple way to remember and recognise the signs of stroke. Think F-A-S-T- fast.
F is for face - has their mouth drooped? A stands for arms - can they raise them? Sis for speech- is it slurred?
And T is for time - time is critical. If the person you are with is displaying any of these signs, you must ring immediately for an ambulance on triple zero.

While COVID-19 has changed much about our daily lives - at least for now - it has not changed the fact that strokes are always a medical emergency.

I commend all involved in the Stroke Foundation for their important work in helping prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.
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