Research grants

The Stroke Foundation Research Grant round for 2018 grant applications is now closed. Notification of outcomes will be made in December 2017.

2018 Stroke Foundation Research Priorities

  • Long term stroke recovery support (transition of care, follow-up interventions and long term support).
  • High quality acute stroke care (especially aspects of care in the Quality Standards, access to stroke unit care, time critical treatment), i.e. translation into practice.
  • Support for Carers.

For any enquiries please contact:
Stroke Foundation Compliance Officer, Michelle Adamson
Telephone: 03 9918 7215

Why is the Stroke Foundation only offering Seed Grants in 2018?

As a national charity, the Stroke Foundation relies on the support of the Australian Community to continue its work. A downturn in some key fundraising areas has meant that the funding available to support research grants in 2018 has been reduced.

Will Small Project Grants and Future Leader Grants be available in future grant rounds?

The Research Grant funding pool is reviewed and agreed annually by the Stroke Foundation Board based on the organisation’s financial performance. The Research Advisory Committee will then determine the Grants to be provided. Given the importance of the Small Project Grants, it is likely that they will comprise at least part of the portfolio in the 2019 funding round.