Current grant applications closed on Wednesday 31 August 2022 5pm AEST.

The next grant round will offer a range of opportunities for stroke research teams in Australia to test their ideas and tackle evidence and implementation gaps in stroke prevention, treatment and recovery. 

Stroke Foundation encourages researchers to involve people with lived experience to design, conduct and promote research.
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Current research priority areas

Stroke Foundation Seed Grants

Seed Grants up to $80,000 in total per 18-month grant, for early and early-mid career researchers for projects addressing our 2023 research priority areas:

  • Developing health services and pathways to improve early identification of stroke with a specific focus on underserved communities (examples include marginalised groups, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and socially isolated people). 
  • Translational and implementation research of evidence-based care pathways of stroke management. Projects must specifically assess how to improve adoption or implementation of evidence-based treatments/processes, that have been shown to be effective, within health or home settings.
  • Long-term community support beyond 6 months post-stroke (e.g. interventions to improve continuity of care, community health services, primary care, social isolation).
  • Long-term psychosocial recovery beyond 6 months post-stroke (i.e. interventions for recovery of cognition, communication, and emotional and social wellbeing).



The Lady Marigold Southey Aphasia Research Grant, Stroke Foundation’s first dedicated aphasia research grant was established in the 2022 Grant Round.

Through the generosity of our supporters, this dedicated grant will continue as a priority in future Stroke Foundation research grant rounds.

Through further research investment into aphasia, stroke researchers will have a better chance of finding the answers about which therapies enable people with aphasia to recover; as well as explore more ways for their family members and loved ones to support them.


Endowment Grants

Administered as part of the Stroke Foundation’s Endowment Fund are dedicated funds for research.

The Tim Glendinning Memorial Fund for Young Adult Stroke will support research to deliver a deeper understanding of stroke in young adults. The results of this research will, over time, lead to better diagnosis, treatment and support for young adult stroke survivors.

The Nancy & Vic Allen Stroke Prevention Memorial Fund supports and encourages stroke prevention research, combining best practice medical care and evidence-based integrative care. 

The Gavin Paul Bennier Memorial Research Fund aims to continue benefiting research in cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) and stroke amongst young adults.


See past grant recipients for projects supported through the generosity of these funds.


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