Dr Robert Tonge's Story

Dr. Robert Tonge

As a paediatrician, Dr Robert Tonge witnessed the devastating impact of stroke on many families. He then sadly lost his mother to a major stroke.

Dr Tonge knows how debilitating stroke can be and this has inspired him to include a gift to the Stroke Foundation in his Will.

“The Stroke Foundation has made some enormous advances in the fight against stroke and no gift is too small.”

Dr Tonge says he believes the Stroke Foundation is at the cusp of making huge breakthroughs and hopes his gift will continue to encourage and support improvements in stroke care and treatment, long into the future.

Dr Tonge has shared his plans about including gifts to a few of his favourite charities with his family. Knowing that he will be supporting his family and the community in the future gives Dr Tonge peace of mind. “I am aware of the delicate fabric of humanity and the importance of holding each other together.”

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