Advocating for us

Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability, yet 80 per cent of strokes are preventable.

Over the next five years 45,000 New South Wales residents will suffer a stroke for the first time. Almost 10 per cent of those will die. Thousands will be left with a lifelong disability and will depend on our already stretched health system to support their care. 

At Stroke Foundation we focus on preventing strokes, saving lives, and enhancing recovery. But we can’t do that alone. We need your help to share information and awareness of the risks and signs of stroke. 

On March 25th New South Wales will go to the polls and elect its next government. We want that incoming leadership team to help us change the stroke statistics through increased public education, and by funding a cohesive, national stroke support navigator service. 

  • $1m investment over four years to continue to deliver education and awareness to make people understand and recall the F.A.S.T (Face, Arms, Speech and Time) message. Recognising a stroke means getting urgent medical help quickly, and this will save lives.

  • $2.6m investment over five years in our StrokeConnect Navigator Program, to provide a consistent equitable national support service to help all Australians access appropriate treatment after a stroke. 

Download Stroke Foundation’s New South Wales Election Platform document to read more detail.


How you can help

Our health system has been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and health funding priorities have had to adapt to cope. But chronic diseases like stroke will continue to impact many Australians long after COVID-19’s impact has eased. We need to make sure stroke remains on the agenda and that the incoming State Government chooses to support the people who will suffer from stroke in the future. 

Lived experience is a powerful story. It is important for candidates to hear directly from the stroke community. You can make a huge impact for survivors of stroke if you make a personal approach to your local candidates and give them your perspective about stroke care and education. 


Example email

If you decide to email you local candidate, it is best to personalise your email as much as possible. Here’s is an example to get you started:

Dear [MP or candidate name], 
My name is [Insert name] and I am a stroke survivor who lives in [Insert electorate/ suburb]. 
[Insert your connection with stroke here]. 
I know the Stroke Foundation is seeking funding from the next New South Wales Government to continue to raise awareness about the signs of stroke, and to highlight the importance of getting urgent medical attention. I support this initiative because the faster people get treatment, the more likely they will recover well from stroke. 
Stroke does not have to be such a burden on our health economy but that will only change if more people can recover well, spend less time in hospital, and require less ongoing care. That is why Stroke Foundation has asked Government to support its StrokeConnect Navigator Program. This investment will mean StrokeLine can answer more important calls, as well as directly support more survivors of stroke as they are discharged from hospital. 
As an elected member of our next Government, you can personally make a difference. You can truly save lives. 
Thank you and best wishes for your campaign, 
[Insert your name] 

What happens next?

Thanks for taking direct action on our behalf! After you’ve contacted your local candidate, please contact us on to let us know.