Stroke Foundation has developed a Research Partnership Framework to support increased requests for Stroke Foundation to partner with academic organisations in applying for stroke research grants. 

Stroke Foundation's partnership role can vary, from endorsement through a letter of support, to collaborations involving in-kind contribution, to fully formed partnerships with Stroke Foundation where proposals are developed jointly and may involve a greater contribution (financial and in-kind). 

Early engagement is strongly encouraged. This gives opportunity for in-principle support to be established ahead of funding opportunities that may arise. 

Stroke Foundation encourages researchers to involve people with lived experience to design, conduct and promote research.
Take our co-designed e-learning module on how to  work effectively with people with lived experience.


Steps for engagement:

  1. Refer to the Research Partnership Framework and download the application form.
  2. Send your completed application form to
  3. Stroke Foundation acknowledges and engages with the applicant as appropriate.
  4. Applications are assessed in accordance with the Framework on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Confirmation of application outcome.


Contact Stroke Foundation's Research Officer:


Phone: 03 9918 7215