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Thank you for standing with us in the fight against stroke.

2020 was another extraordinary year for the Stroke Foundation. We’ve taken some big steps forward in the fight against stroke… And it’s all thanks to the tremendous support of everyday Australian’s like you.

This support allows us to continue vital work across the entire stroke journey – from prevention initiatives, world-leading treatment and stroke survivor support programs, to investment in breakthrough research.

Read more about some of the highlights of our work in 2020 or donate today to continue supporting our work in 2021.

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Hope for families fighting stroke… that’s a gift worth giving this Christmas.

For first-time mum Tenneayle, the discovery that up to 500 children in Australia suffer stroke every year was shocking… but not as shocking as the discovery that her beautiful baby boy Sullivan was one of them.

Tenneayle and her husband Josh knew something wasn’t right with their little boy Sullivan. “At about three months (of age) he wasn’t using his right hand or the right side of his body,” she explains.

Then little Sullivan began to have seizures. Tenneayle and Josh made the decision to pack up their car and drive three hours to their closest children’s hospital. Later that night, a brain scan confirmed baby Sullivan had suffered a stroke.

With your Christmas gift today, we can make sure families fighting stroke have all the support we can give them. In those dark and uncertain hours after a child’s life is changed forever by stroke, you can give the gift of hope.

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Bring hope to families fighting stroke

Sometimes, a young family's worst nightmare can start with something so ordinary. A child such as little Hannah, only six years of age, with a sick tummy and a sore head. Yet within half an hour, she’s violently ill… vomiting, dizzy, with a fever and chills.

At just six years old, little Hannah had a blood clot in her brain – she was suffering a massive stroke.

It's any parent’s worst nightmare. And I'm telling you about it because you may be surprised to learn that stroke doesn’t care how young you are. Stroke can strike anyone at any age. Even children. Even babies.

And when it does, more than ever, we need to help ensure parents and families have the information and support they need to fight for their child’s survival and recovery. You can bring hope to childhood stroke survivors' like Hannah and her family by donating today.

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Let's fight stroke together

Fighting back after stroke takes a team – from the support of family and friends, to the health professionals in hospital and rehabilitation, right down to the researchers working towards the next breakthrough.

Everyone fighting stroke is a hero. But even heroes need support (and stroke heroes more than most). We know the fight against stroke can be challenging but we’ll never give up in our mission to prevent, treat and beat stroke.

But we need your support to continue the fight. We can only support all our heroes fighting stroke – survivors, their families, health professionals and researchers – if you support our work.

Let’s stand together in the fight against stroke.

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Help StrokeLine answer the call

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has touched all our lives. For most Australians, social isolation and various stages of lock down have been challenging, but for those living with the impact of stroke its effects have been far worse.

Stroke survivors are one of the groups most vulnerable to the ravages of COVID-19. Australians living with stroke are at higher risk of severe symptoms and complications from the virus

That’s why our team of specially trained health professionals have been working hard to answer every call to StrokeLine. But we need your help!

Now is the time we urgently need your help to ensure StrokeLine is there for those who need it most. Please give today to keep Australia’s only dedicated FREE stroke helpline running… so we can answer the next call during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kids have strokes too

Join us today to help fight childhood stroke.

With your support we’ll increase awareness of childhood stroke, improve treatment and care and provide better support to families. 

Together we can bring a brighter future to children and families impacted by childhood stroke.

Around 500 strokes will be experienced by infants and children in Australia each year. While the numbers are small, the impact can be devastating and life-long for families.

Stroke Foundation engages and collaborates with the Little Stroke Warriors support group to determine the needs for Australian families impacted by childhood stroke.

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