Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check

Final checks totalA record year for Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check raising awareness of the risk of Stroke amongst Australians

The 2016 Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check was the biggest yet with a record 56,193 Australians participating during the month of April.  Congratulations to all those that participated!

Men and women of all ages took part in the month long initiative to raise awareness of the affects high blood pressure, with many lives potentially saved due to the simple health check.

And we couldn’t have done it without our amazing partner – Priceline Pharmacy.  At over 280 pharmacies around Australia plus a selection of Westfield Shopping Centre special events, Priceline Pharmacy staff got right behind us to help fight stroke.

High blood pressure can lead to stroke – and many people don’t even know they have it. It is often called the ‘silent killer’. The only way to know you have high blood pressure is to get checked. 

Who was found to be at high risk for stroke?

  • One in three participants overall
  • Four in 10 men and over a quarter of all women
  • High proportion of those aged over 45 (stroke risk increases with age)

All were immediately referred to their doctor for a full assessment.

There was an alarming 2000 participants under the age of 35 who were also deemed as high risk and referred onto their GP.  This highlights the importance of raising the profile of stroke as a leading health issue within the community and how people can make simple changes to reduce their chance of stroke.

Further information on how you can manage your stroke risk factors.

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