Gifts in Wills

Help beat stroke, once and for all.

Include a gift to the Stroke Foundation in your Will.

One in six Australians will have a stroke in their lifetime. They’ll be our sisters, husbands, daughters, dads and best mates. An act of lasting kindness that doesn’t cost you anything now can help create a future where stroke no longer has power to take the lives, health and dreams of Australians.

Leaving a gift to the Stroke Foundation in your Will is a powerful way to stop the suffering that stroke causes. Every gift to the Stroke Foundation – no matter how large or small – helps build on the advances that have already been made in stroke prevention, treatment and care.

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These kind people have made the compassionate decision to provide a lasting legacy.

  • Nancy's story

    Nancy's story

    "I feel good knowing my gift is going to be used wisely by the Stroke Foundation in all aspects, but mainly to assist those who have unfortunately suffered the debilitating effects of a stroke."

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  • James' story

    James' story

    “By leaving a gift to the Stroke Foundation in my Will, I hope to free my grandchildren and others from the devastation caused by stroke.”

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  • Dr. Tonge's story

    Dr. Tonge's story

    “The Stroke Foundation has made some enormous advances in the fight against stroke and no gift is too small.”

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You too can help create a future where having a stroke doesn't mean losing the things you love - your health, lifestyle, dreams, and the people who matter most.

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Your legacy can be a future where stroke can't take away the things we love.

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